Kyle Banerjee and Shirley Lincicum

This is me with my wife Shirley. I could go on about her forever, but since this page is about me, all I'll say is that she's a very patient woman -- I was definitely a diamond in the rough when we first met. Everyone has a passion. I like practically anything that happens outdoors, but my favorite activities are cycling, backcountry skiing, and kayaking. I do at least one of those activities practically every day

Keiko on the beach

You can see our late dog Keiko in the picture to the left. That picture was taken just a few months shy of her 10th birthday after she'd gone blind and developed terminal cancer. She was not only a great dog and good looking, she was also the best fetching dog that ever lived.

Powder with Kyle Banerjee

After Keiko passed away, we got Powder who you can see on the right. Like Keiko, Powder is an "exotic hybrid" -- only four of them were ever made. Those are the best dogs, and as you can see from this video, her temperment is outstanding.

Back in the day, I spent a fair amount of time abroad. If you'd like to see some highlights of a few trips, you may want to check out these pictures I took while I taught English in Czechoslovakia in 1991, worked on a research project in Russia, participated in a 6 week library exchange in China, or visited relatives in India in 1998 and 2008. Take a look -- it's not as boring as it sounds.

If you haven't gotten tired of looking at photos yet, you must either be a friend or relative. If you aren't, my guess is that you are goofing off on the job and need to get back to work.

If you'd still like to see more pictures, I keep a rather extensive collection in my photo database.