Spring is here!

Kyle Banerjee skiing on Marys Peak
One of the best kept secrets in skiing is that the real fun begins right about the time everyone quits for the season. Don’t get me wrong. I love deep powder, snow camping, and the like.

But this has been one of the wettest springs on record so I’ve spent a lot of time frozen and soaked. So having a chance to be warm while having some outdoor fun was really nice. Naturally, I’m also looking forward to some serious cycling and kayaking as well.

The only thing that sucks is that too many people in my crazy profession seem to think that Friday nights and Saturday mornings are a great time for business meetings. While this doesn’t happen *that* often, it’s still guaranteed to occur in both May and June which means less time with friends or doing something fun outside. Argh…  But it’s my own dang fault for purposely going into a nerdy discipline.

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